Thursday, May 30, 2013

THE SPIDEY PROJECT Cast Record Released With National Tour On The Horizon

The comedic theatre collective Compass Theatrical today released the long-awaited original cast album of their 2011 cult musical hit THE SPIDEY PROJECT -- featuring a super-hero rock score composed by Doug Katsaros and Adam Podd -- It is available via iTunes, Google Play and Amazon and also, keeping with the tradition of the show, free to download from CD Baby and their website:

Justin Moran directed the sold-out production of the unauthorized musical parody (music by Katsaros and Podd, with book and lyrics by Moran and Jon Roufaeal) based on the web-slinging hero who was catching so much flack on Broadway that year.  The album has music direction and arrangements by Adam Podd with additional arrangements by his identical twin brother Matt, and a band featuring Doug Katsaros, the brothers Podd, Dillon Kondor, Bernard Grobman, and Harvey Wirht.  The score's style draws inspiration from the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon and a clear pop-rock influence to hilariously tell the iconic zero-to-hero story of social outcast Peter Parker, whose life changes when he's bitten by radio-active spider.

THE SPIDEY PROJECT started in the wake of the extended preview performances of Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark, which was criticized for its excessive delays, bloating budget, and cast injuries.  Comedian and playwright Justin Moran joked to the internet, “How important is $65 million in making good theatre?” and stated his goal of creating a fully-realized web-slinging musical for $0 in under 30 days,  making its opening one day before the (at the time) scheduled opening of the Broadway show. Interest poured in and volunteers were enlisted, and in just a month they wrote, rehearsed, and produced the first Spider-Man musical to officially open in New York City. 

In addition to having the rehearsal and performance space donated to the project, recording studio NY NOISE donated time for the group to record their sweet score for posterity.   And record they did.  Mark Goodell volunteered to engineer and mix the album which was produced by Adam Podd and features the vocal talents of original cast members: Travis Nilan, Liz Bachman, Jon Roufaeal, Ryan Nelson, Michael Lutton, Louie Pearlman, Robin Rothman, and Claire Neumann; as well as Diana Yourke, and Adam Podd.

The show’s strong reviews and subsequent life on the internet and in productions around the country caught the eye of veteran producer Paul Bartz, president of Windwood Theatricals (Broadway’s Tony Award-winning revival of HAIRForbidden Broadway: Alive and Kicking), who is leading the campaign to bring THE SPIDEY PROJECT national tour to life for the Fall of 2014.

To download the album visit:
For more information on The Spidey Project and its history visit:

For more information on the National Tour visit:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Original Cast Recording is DONE!!

Hey all you beautiful and devoted Spidey fans!  

The highly anticipated (and almost 2 years late) cast-recording of The Spidey Project is finally here.  A quick re-cap for those of you who don’t know…

The Spidey Project was the FIRST theatrical Spider-Man musical to have opened in NYC. In the name of truth and justice, we put together a dream team (volunteers, all) of creatives, actors, techies, musicians, etc., etc. to conceive, write, rehearse, produce, and finally mount a fully realized web-slinger comic-book musical-parody (full of hyphenation) in just 30 days – for ZERO dollars.  This was in response to the Broadway fiasco with its delayed openings, cast injuries, and 75+ million dollar budget. The general idea being that maybe with all that bloat they missed the point of theatre and Spider-Man.  So our fearless leader, Justin Moran (co-author and director), put out a Youtube call to the world that stated his goal, with only 30 days to make it happen, in order to beat Turn Off the Dark’s slated opening night with our own opening night, one day earlier.  The world responded with hundreds of excited participants and we quickly went to work.

Doug Katsaros and Adam Podd set to work on a world-class score, Justin Moran and Jon Roufaeal hammered together a funny, energetic and tight-as-hell script, and the rest is (internet) history.

We're hard at work right now on getting the album up on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify so you can all download it for free, put it on your phones, and listen to it at the gym; and we'll let you know as soon as it's ready, but until then, click the image below to listen to complete score in all of its glory.

For this amazing album Adam Podd was our producer and arranger, and his good friend/colleague Mark Goodell was our mixing engineer.

Music by: Doug Katsaros and Adam Podd
Lyrics by: Justin Moran and Jon Roufaeal
Produced & Arranged by: Adam Podd
Mixed by: Mark Goodell
Additional Arrangements by Matt Podd

Piano: Adam Podd and Doug Katsaros
Other Keys/Synth: Adam Podd and Matt Podd
Guitar/Bass: Dillon Kondor
Additional Guitar: Bernard Grobman
Drums: Harvey Wirht

Travis Nilan as Peter Parker
Liz Bachman as Gwen Stacey
Jon Roufaeal as Kent Holbrook and Chameleon
Ryan Nelson as Flash and The Doctor
Michael Lutton as Uncle Ben and Scorpion
Louie Pearlman as Electro and J.J. Jameson
Robin Rothman as Aunt May
Claire Neumann as Betty Brant
Justin Moran as Dr. Spidderman
Above also make up all vocal ensembles
Diana Yourke as Ensemble (recording only)
Adam Podd as Easter-Egg guest vocal… who found it?

Listen to the Original Cast Recording


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our new musical opens August 12th at the Players Theater in FringeNYC

Nightfall on Miranga Island

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spidey goes west

Hey out there internet, just wanted to take a minute and drop a line. For all our friends out west who have huddled up late nights to our youtube videos longing for a Spidey experience of your very own, your ridiculously nerdy prayers have been answered... and so have ours.

A couple of theater companies (one mid-west-ish, and one west-coast-ish) are mounting "The Spidey Project..." in their 2012 seasons. Shiny new casts, crews, sets... with none of the timing or monetary restrictions, but all the same rag-tag awesomeness of the New York hit.

The west coast production is happening at Theater Unleashed in LA (California)
and the mid-west regional production is happening at TADA Productions in Lincoln (Nebraska)

Below are their links and logos, respectively:

Theatre Unleashed (Opens March) 

TADA Productions (Opens April) 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Pirate Project

While we’re still trying to keep the finer points of the story quiet, it’s a swashbuckling pirate adventure in three musical acts. Short musical acts… but there are still three of them. For the initial reading we’ve rounded up some of the usual suspects from our last two shows (The Spidey Project and POPE!) but this will definitely require a larger cast than we’re used to.

Everything is still pretty early in development (especially for a show that is scheduled to open in October!) While the first draft of the script is done, the score is still yet to be started, and all those other important things that go into a musical still need to be thought about. But adventure calls again, so onward!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Complete Lyrics

So many people have been asking for the lyrics to go along with the videos, so here they are (above). Unfortunately most of the indents got destroyed in the cut/paste, but it's still pretty readable. Also, I make no apologies for the fact that I almost never use punctuation when typing lyrics... you can sort of intuit where the punctuation goes. 

Now you can read what they are singing in any moments when the sound is a little hard to hear.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thanks Everyone!

Jonny and I wanted to release a quick video to give an extra thank you to all the people behind the scenes who made the Spidey Project possible. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Update at the End of March

Hey everyone out there in internet land!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update (and we hope you’ve enjoyed the videos) sorry for the huge delay but we’ve got some cool stuff in the works and I just wanted to drop a line so you didn’t think we were dead or anything. I should have the next video or two cut and uploaded in the next few days, so keep an eye out. Also, we’ve been hitting the studio pretty hard to record the cast album. Thank you so much to everyone who voted in our poll, there was enough interest to make an album worth while and NY Noise donated their gorgeous recording studio (which you may have seen us rehearsing in in the first music rehearsal video). So keep checking the site if you want to know how the album is progressing or when it is going to be released.

In the meantime interviews and reviews and other mentions are popping up all over the web and we’re trying to compile a complete list, while we’re working on that here’s a link to an interview I did with Gunaxin a few days back: the Spidey stuff starts about half-way through.

A few of you have asked about the possibility of your local theater groups performing the Spidey Project, we love the idea of sharing free creative theater so we’re hammering out what would be involved in making this happen… we’ll keep you posted.

For any of you who want to share your thoughts on the show, or who saw it live and want to comment on the experience, click on over to our reviews page and leave some comments.