Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spidey goes west

Hey out there internet, just wanted to take a minute and drop a line. For all our friends out west who have huddled up late nights to our youtube videos longing for a Spidey experience of your very own, your ridiculously nerdy prayers have been answered... and so have ours.

A couple of theater companies (one mid-west-ish, and one west-coast-ish) are mounting "The Spidey Project..." in their 2012 seasons. Shiny new casts, crews, sets... with none of the timing or monetary restrictions, but all the same rag-tag awesomeness of the New York hit.

The west coast production is happening at Theater Unleashed in LA (California)
and the mid-west regional production is happening at TADA Productions in Lincoln (Nebraska)

Below are their links and logos, respectively:

Theatre Unleashed (Opens March) 

TADA Productions (Opens April) 

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matt ritchey said...

After wanting to see this DESPERATELY when I first heard about it, I jumped at the chance to see SPIDEY now that it's in Los Angeles. I just got back and




Super funny, exciting, a great cast, a great set, and a great job! Huzzah!