Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Friendly Neighborhood Hi from Jon Roufaeal

Hey Everybody,
Jon Roufaeal here, co-writer on the book & lyrics for “The Spidey Project: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”  I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself and thank all of you who have been supporting this show.  I have been blown away by all the people who have  offered their time and talents to make this thing become a reality: from actors to musicians, writers, set-designers, lighting people, sound people, lawyers (seriously), choreographers, publicity people and all the fans of Spider-Man, musical theater or both who have been spreading the word.  
As of today, we’re deep into music rehearsals - and the cast sounds great together.  Adam and Doug, the two composers, have written some really fantastic songs - Peter Parker especially gets some epic moments that I can’t wait for people to hear.  
I’ll be adding to this blog along with Justin - between the two of us we should be able to get updates on here pretty regularly.  More to come real soon...Bye all!

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