Monday, February 14, 2011

Smackdown Update

Making haste. The creative team is fully assembled, the script/libretto is well underway, and a venue is secured. I'm still hoping to find a larger venue, but I know that I'm really lucky to have been given a free venue in NYC at all, it's a 50 seat theater on 30th street. More on it soon.

Thank you to all the composers who volunteered their time! I figured it would be best to go with only two, those are Adam Podd and Doug Katsaros. More on those guys soon too.

Another thank you to all you authors who support the cause and wanted to get involved. I was only planning on working with one writing partner on this, but I'm amazed that so many out there were so interested! I'm writing the book/lyrics with a classy gentleman named Jon Roufaeal, more on us soon... But here's the newest video. Keep spreading the word, and fighting the good fight!

1 comment:

TITUS said...

hey man! i freakin love that youre doing this. i think its awesome!
HOWEVER i will say, because there's a lot of hype developing, (and potentially even MORE) i'd be VERY careful with copyrights, and restrictions on using "Spiderman".