Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spiderman Smackdown - 2/11/11

I released this video yesterday. An explosion of action after some pent up musical-theater rage... I am totally serious about it. The support and response it has been getting is tremendous! The amount of you who believe in the project and want to volunteer your time is inspiring. I've been in touch with some of you already, and I will be in touch with more. I'm trying to get things done as swiftly as possible (obviously with the time constraint) but if you haven't heard back from me, don't worry, it's likely I'm just not at the right step of the project yet.

Keep reposting and sharing with your friends, and I will keep everyone posted on the progress.


Reesa said...

He looks like just the guy to pull this stunt off. Get it "just" (Justin). Anyway, good luck young man and if you need someone to help with costumes, I can sew a little.
R. Jenkins

teacherman said...

I'm all in...Love it.

I'm a playwright. Who do you have on board?

mannoftalent said...

Do you have a composer lyricist on board? If not, check out

I hear the lyricist is a big comics geek.

Max said...

You're definitely gonna get sued.

Adrianna said...

awww I'm in Toronto Canada but I would be your MJ in a heart beat!

Red head too :)

Michael said...

This looks awesome. If you need a choreographer or movement person let me know!