Monday, February 21, 2011

Some FAQs

Updated 2/24

Hey everyone, amid the many fantastic emails I've been receiving from volunteers and supporters there have been a few questions that keep popping up, so I figured it would be easier for me to answer them in one blanket post here instead of a bunch of different emails.

How can I get tickets?
Tickets will be available in the coming weeks from the PIT's website, keep an eye here and we'll let you know just when.

We can confirm that all tickets will be completely FREE!  A special thanks to Jeff Lapine and the PIT for waiving all costs to everyone!  Since online tickets will probably go fairly quickly, they'll also hold about 20 seats at the door so anyone who can't get tickets online can try there.

Also, the performance date (and ONLY performance date) is Monday, March 14th.  Put it in your planners!

Can I play Mary Jane?
Bad news ladies (and some dude with flowing red hair) there is no Mary Jane in this musical. This story pre-dates her a bit.

Can I play Julie Taymor?
Bad news on this front too, there is no character based on her. This musical isn't about her specifically or her production, just a great musical about a hero we all know and love.

Are you comicbook fans?
I used to be a Spider-Man fanboy especially of the cartoon, until I started in on this I hadn't reread the early comics in years... though I did recently play though 'Ultimate Spider-Man' for the Gamecube. My co-author, Jon Roufaeal, is a huge comic nerd and was much more familiar with (and a stickler for) all the details than I was. The result is something we feel is a true homage to the comics, but creative and unique to what we are trying to do.

Are you serious?
Yup, totally.

There's a hyphen in Spider-Man?
Shh! You want us to get sued!?

Wait… so, is it a parody or not?
Yup! Absolutely. But like we said, it’s not specifically a parody of JT or SM:TOtD; we’d leave that to Forbidden Broadway... if only... 


Betsy said...

I haven't harassed about tickets yet, but can't wait to hear, since it's gonna take a bit to get there ;)

Rachel Kolb said...

Your Facebook link isn't working. I want to get involved, and I live in the NYC area. Who do I contact about getting involved?

Hollywood Actor Prep said...

I posted about your project in my blog for actors, called HOLLYWOOD ACTOR PREP. I do hope you still need actors, because I put out the call.

Here's a direct link. If there are any corrections needed, please let me know.

Break a leg.

Dana Kaminski

Peter Michael Marino said...

if you need a director, I am here. Just ask Lepine for a recommendation. I already paid him to give me a good one. Pete (PIT teacher and director and Spidey fan)
PS- my Spidey video is here:

essessgee said...

I've got a little free time and this seems like a great cause....if you need any character actors that sight read like the wind, let me know! and essessgee at that AOL carrier

michael rock said...

How did you get the rights? And if you haven't aren't the lawyers going to attack?

Jason said...

Can we start where a fictional character "Arachnia" is killed!? just a thought!!!

Paul said...

Hey man, would LOVE to see this but cant make it to NY on the 14th. Any chance you'll stream this thing live?? Think about it, please. Share it with Spidey fans around the world!!

Tyger Incognito said...

Will you be filming the musical and posting it in segments on youtube like the people at Starkid Productions have for their viral hit "A Very Potter Musical"?
Just an idea, seeing as so many people want to see it, and that Starkid has had such success in all their endeavors since then, and you already have so much momentum and hype.