Friday, March 11, 2011

3 Days and Counting

Hey Guys - Jon Roufaeal here.  We're 3 days away from the show and things are getting intense!  Rehearsals are going great, and now it's time for us to think about all those small logistical things we weren't focused on as we were putting this show together.  Things like...COSTUMES!!!

We have a fantastic costumer who has volunteered her time and talent to help us out, but there is 1 integral piece that I desperately want for the show...a cool Spidey costume.  I've posted on facebook already, but thought I'd try my hand here. 

Does anyone have a sweet adult Spidey costume they'd be willing to donate to the production?  Several people have volunteered to buy one & donate it, and I just have to thank all of you who have volunteered to do that.  But Justin and I would like to avoid that as best we can, so I thought I'd try the blog to see if any of our new internet friends could help.  Now, I say donate because it's likely the costume would have to be taken apart, or altered in some major way to make it condusive to quick changes.  And while wearing the suit under his clothes works in the comics, we can't have our Peter Parker fainting on stage - he's got far too much singing to do!

If anyone has anything they could help us out with - even a Spidey mask, gloves, boots, etc. - please email me pics at   

Go Spidey, Go!

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