Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doug 'the Moustache!' Katsaros

Hello bloggers! One week til we open/close! And another video to share with you.

We have a great update for you tonight. An extra special glimpse into the mind of Doug Katsaros, co-composer for the Spidey Project (WGPCGR) musical and a sneak peek of another song. Enjoy and continue to check in for ticket updates!

Produced by Beth Gold and Eli Itzkowitz
Edited by Doug Kellner

1 comment:

The Noir Guy said...

Everyone should see this show for his epic mustache alone. But the music looks and sounds really fun and fitting to a spiderman musical. I can't wait. And I'm still hoping someone videotapes it so people who can't experience this first hand in all it's glory can at least see it!