Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Spidey Project - SHOW! Part 1 (of 4)

The moment most of you have been waiting for!  Here is part one, the rest are on their way!  Enjoy and share with your friends, be they Spider-fans or not, musical-fans or not... spread the love!  

We came together about a month ago for a cause we all believe strongly in, and after weeks of getting no more than two hours of sleep a night, grabbing quick meals while walking between work and rehearsals, occasionally letting our loved-ones know we were still alive between conference calls and organization email chains, and a stomach virus that nearly DELAYED our production - we did it!

For any who are late to the party here's the video that started it all:


Sean Taylor said...

Awesome. Great quality footage, fun crossfades...obviously the talented cast and crew extends even beyond the stage! Well done.

sdizio said...

Thank you thank you!!! Been waiting. Please upload the others!

Andrew said...

Will the rights to the show be available, so anybody can do their own Spidey Project?

Mark Lee said...

Soundtrack please!! I love the music and would pay American dollars for high quality digital downloadable files.

Anonymous said... amazing!!!! You NEED to keep going further with this!