Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Kevin Smith

Ok, here's a quick update from me and Jon.  I apologize in advance for the shoddy editing job, we're down to the wire on time, and while I want to keep releasing these videos I just don't have enough time to edit them into something bangin'. So imagine in your minds that there are all kinds of great fades, and sweeps, and graphics, and continuity.

For any of you who haven't been following via facebook or twitter, while we've been receiving all kinds of wonderful press and publicity from the interest in our cause, we had something crazy happen last week.  Writer/director/comic author/Silent Bob/all around great guy Kevin Smith mentioned the Spidey Project in his podcast "Babble On" (Episode 24, at the 58 minute mark) 

Being huge Kevin Smith fans ourselves, and seeing a small window of opportunity with him being in NY doing a signing at Midtown Comics before he hits the road to promote his new movie Red State, Jon and I decided to try our hand at waiting in line for an autograph and to personally thank him for his shout out!  By the time we got there we managed to snag the very LAST two tickets they were giving out to meet him.  The hours we spent waiting on the street in line were more than worth it, he took a few minutes to talk to us about what we're doing and how great he thinks it is.  Goddam, what a guy!  That bit at the end is him asking about the camera I've been filming the vlogs with. 

Congratulations internet, this is where anyone will see my at my most awkward and nerdy...   So here's a quick video of Jon and I geeking out in a major way.  (He also signed Jonny's Green Hornet comic)

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That's me at 1:06

i really wanna see what you guys came up with!! >.<