Monday, March 14, 2011

Opening Day!

Anyone else not sleeping out there?  This is it folks, in approx 15 short hours the doors open and you'll get to see exactly what we've been cookin up.  I'm sorry we've been so cone-of-silenced about the details of our plot, and haven't let much of the score leak in any of the interviews or press or videos or anything.  I take full responsibility for this, I'm notoriously secretive about developing shows.  Not that it really requires it, but I love when people go into a theater entirely unsure of what they're getting themselves into and experience the full show spoiler free.  We'll take you on an adventure, it will be hilarious, and the songs will rock.  Of this we are sure. 

And keep checking the blog, now that we've opened the need for secrecy is over and we can post our other clips and videos, and much more :)

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